About the Authors

Ed Poole

Ed Poole is a second-generation toy soldier collector who somehow avoided the plight of many in the hobby who had their treasure trove of toy figures tossed away when leaving home for college or elsewhere. He moved the figures with him from place to place, and after retiring from a 37-year engineering career, ramped-up his toy soldier collecting hobby.  His emphases are medieval, western, and historical/literary figures in both metal and plastic. His primary focus has been on a childhood favorite, the Britains Swoppet Knights, and as the collection matured his effort shifted to the writing of this book

In addition to toy soldier collecting, Ed enjoys family time with his wife, Sheryl, and their two grown kids, James and Amanda, traveling, reading historical fiction, and serving in his church and Bible Study Fellowship.  He and Sheryl live in Sugar Land, Texas.

Peter Nussbaum

Peter Nussbaum’s mother was an English war bride, and trips with the children to her hometown of Bournemouth were responsible for his fondness for Swoppet knights and other great British-made toys of the 1950s and ‘60s. Along with collecting Swoppets, plastic Elastolin, and other toy and model figures, he enjoys painting, restoring and converting these and builds an occasional diorama.

Peter’s wife Sandra has been known to dispute this assertion, but he does have a life outside of his toy soldier hobby. A retired engineer, he volunteers for his neighborhood association in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and travels with Sandra (as Covid has allowed.) Outdoor activities include walking, hiking, camping and cycling in the warm months. Winter brings snowshoeing and non-optional snow shoveling. 

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